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Helping companies do better international business through improved communication.

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We train your employees in communication skills and languages, we create your content and content strategy in business English and we translate and localise your messages into all the languages you need.

Crockley Business Communication started out in 2007 as one person's vision to provide a saturated language services marketplace with real value and the highest possible quality.

Today we are an innovative language and communications consultancy that helps leading multinational and Spanish companies succeed in the international business world.

Meet our team...   

Andrew J. Crockley, Founder and CEO
Andrew J Crockley, Founder and CEO

Andrew J. Crockley

Founder and CEO


Andrew founded Crockley Business Communication as a result of his immense drive to help people and companies communicate better abroad. As CEO, he is ultimately responsible for our Training, Translation and Content Strategy departments as well as being highly involved in Recruitment, Finance and Control and in Business Development.

Originally from London, Andrew has travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North, Central and South America, speaks three languages,  is a Philosophy graduate and a qualified English Language Trainer. Upon his arrival in Spain he combined his knowledge of languages, experiences with cultures form around the world, a training background and an entrepreneurial spirit to found Crockley Business Communication.


His objectives in 2007 were the same as they are today: to facilitate international business through improved communication.

Silvia Centanni, Financial Controller
Silvia Centanni, Financial Controller

Silvia Centanni

Financial Controller

Silvia is a self-confessed numbers person.  She makes sure that the thousands of hours of training and content creation and millions of words of translations are all perfectly organised and processed.

And Silvia's talents are not limited to accounting; she is also a Chemical Engineer and successful entrepreneur with over 30 years experience throughout two continents!

Lisa Parkinson, Implant Manager and Business English Trainer
Lisa Parkinson
Nadia Peiró Adams, Translations Manager
Nadia Peiró Adams, Translations Manager

Lisa Parkinson

Director of Studies

Lisa runs our Training Department and manages a team of over 50 trainers. She liaises with clients and students to build quality language training courses by matching the profile of student with the right profile of trainer.To do this she is also involved in our 7-Step Recruitment Process to approve Crockley Certified  trainers along with overseeing the processing of thousands of hours of Fundación Tripartita EU training grants.

Lisa is also a dynamic language trainer with international experience in Japan, the UK and Spain. Her passion for training is only matched by her passion for singing karaoke!

Julieta Bernal, Business Development Manager

Nadia Peiró Adams

Translations Manager

Nadia heads our Translation Department and is responsible for a team of over 50 translators. She also project manages and recruits top linguistic talent from around the world.

Nadia is one of those enviable people who speaks perfect English and Spanish! She brings her bilingual upbringing and over 10 years experience in translating and project management to the role along with her ability to speak fluent Russian.

Julietta Bernal

Julieta Bernal

Business Development Manager

Julieta manages our relationships around Spain and helps the business grow. She is also in charge of social media and events like our popular FRAVA (FRiday cAVA).

Julieta comes from an artistic background and is an accomplished actress having performed on stage in Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

Julieta's passion and positivity for people and relationships is a fountain of youth and endless source of inspiration for our team, our culture and our community. She is a champion of continual learning, overcoming barriers and unleashing personal potential.  With the right attitude and commitment, every challenge is a new opportunity and there is really nothing you cannot accomplish!

Victor Melia, Administrative Assistant
Victor Melià

Victor Melià

Administrative Assistant

Victor works in our Marketing and Training Departments. He also doubles as our in-house go-to for graphic production and his hidden talent is his work as the Crockley paparazzi photographer. You will often see Victor behind the lens during our famous FRAVA events!

Victor's educational background includes a BA in Public Relations and Marketing Management.  When he is not glued to a computer screen, he spends his time at the beach and trying to teach himself how to play the guitar.

foto consol web_edited_edited.jpg
Consol Garcia

Consol Garcia

Recruitment Department Coordinator

Consol is responsible for the Crockley Business Communication selection process.

She focusses on finding the very best trainers from around the country, carefully guiding them through our 7-Step Recruitment Process. Only 7% of candidates eventually become Crockley Certified trainers, which is a testament to the rigorous nature of the procedure.

Consol feels her background in the hospitality sector has enriched her at both a personal and professional level, and pressed home the importance of warmth and empathy when interacting with others. Consequently, Consol is a great dinner party host! She is well known for lovingly taking care of her guests, making sure they want for nothing.

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