Language Learning  

Language learning is enabling. It enables us to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships, the basis of our professional and social lives.


Our unique approach enables you to achieve your objectives more efficiently and removes the risk of wasting time and money. How?


Language Learning Options with Crockley Certified Trainers


100% Personalised

Mini Groups


Practical Skills Development





Learn English

Explore your Interests

3-7 days in the UK or Spain

Customised Immersion Experience

Our invitation to experience our services. 

Receive one class on us.




English Immersion

Free Trial



One-to-One and 100% Personalised


The most effective way to improve your language skills is by doing 100% made-to-measure ONE to ONE training with native, specialised, qualified, experienced, Crockley Certified trainers.

The most convenient way is in your office or home at a time that suits you. That's why our trainers are available when and where you need them.




Mini Groups Made-to-Measure


Achieving your language learning goals whilst controlling costs doesn´t have to be a challenge.  


We can create cost effective Mini-Group training courses within your company. A language Audit and Level Tests allow us to create courses for a team, department or office, designed and delivered by native, qualified, experienced, Crockley Certified trainers.  



Specialised Skills

Practical Skills Development


Do you have to prepare for an important presentation in English? Or an interview for a promotion?  

Our skills courses in business English are laser-focused so that you rapidly improve specific skills whilst taking away tried and tested techniques that can be used time and time again. 

Highly specialised Crockley Certified experts in Marketing, Finance, HR, Customer Service and User Experience provide practical and customised workshops in your chosen area for immediate application.



Ever felt like combining your hobbies, interests and recreation with your language learning?  Wouldn't it be perfect to learn to cook delicious, heathy Mediterranean food or learn to play the guitar with an expert whilst practicing your English?

Or what about exploring wine or trekking in the mountains with your specialised Crockley Certified trainer?

Crockley Premium offers just that, the opportunity to do what you love whilst achieving your language learning goals. Our Crockley Certified trainers include experts in:


  • Thai Boxing

  • Skiing

  • Running

  • Shiatsu Massage

  • Theatre

  • Wine

  • Vegan Cooking

  • Nutrition

  • Adult Swimming


Premium VIP

Learn Business English, Explore Your Interests



Intensive English Immersion

3-7 Days in the U.K. or Spain: Customised Immersion Experience


Overcome your barriers once and for all.  



The fastest and most certain way to improve your business English language skills is by immersing yourself in the language.

We can help you do that in both Spain and in the U.K.



A positive mindset has been proven to turn on the learning centres of our brains.


An unforgettable trip to the beautiful and vibrant Brecon Beacons National Park in the U.K. where every element is tailor-made to your needs and passions will help you achieve just that.


A team of Crockley Certified trainers specifically dedicated to your learning make for fast and fun progress.  

Luxury accommodation, full board including meals and evenings out with your trainers, airport transfers and including all trips and activities, this experience is personalised every time to maximise your contact with the target language whilst simultaneously exploring your passions.

This is Crockley Premium and an Immersion Course all rolled into one where increased confidence and fluency are guaranteed.




Intensive programmes during the week or at the weekends with Crockley Certified trainers.

General, Business English and Specialised Language Training can be combined to form a made-to-measure immersion course.

Popular combinations include Effective Presentation Skills and Social English for Outside the Meeting Room along with Interview Skills and English for Travelling. 



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