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Insights in the post Brexit era

Without any doubt, with Brexit we all lose, and even more so in the way it has been carried out. After more than four decades of agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom, relations have been broken and it is undeniable that it will have a huge economic impact on Europeans.

Although this situation could result in a crisis, it may also provide opportunities (incidentally, the Japanese word for crisis is composed of the characters danger + opportunity). The side effects of Brexit could open new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

A good example of this is Crockley, a business and communication consultancy that offers solutions to companies who want to expand internationally. We specialize in the development and training of different strategies for companies that need to communicate abroad. We give business English solutions that, in the world we live in, could mean the definite key to signing that major agreement.

You can take a look at our success stories here to find out more about how we can help you.

Could Brexit be an opportunity for companies in Spain?

Spanish companies, as well as those from any other part of the world, could find Brexit is an opportunity to be seized. It is a good time to launch that idea and take advantage of the change in standards.

Before Brexit, London was the only financial centre in Europe that received all foreign investment. The vast majority of the capital came from the United States and Canada. Now, in the wake of Brexit, it might mean the end of this financial centre as we know it, and the building of a new one.

Frankfurt and Paris are one of the many cities that want a slice of the City pie, but the truth is, Madrid also has many ballots, and there are several reasons why. Spain offers many notable advantages in terms of tax incentives, geostrategic factors, human resources, technology, transport, infastructure and many others. We will detail them below:

-Geostrategic factors

The Spanish market is very profitable; in fact, it has about 46 million potential consumers. And not just that, it is also considered the world's thirteenth-largest market by nominal GDP.

-Fiscal benefits

Spanish fiscal policies attract foreign capital. For example, the tax burden exerted on capital is moderate, at 19.3% it is much lower than in other EU countries. In addition, Spain has what is known as the Patent Box, under which investors can save up to 60% in tax under certain circumstances.

-Good infrastructure

Spain's transport and infrastructure systems are excellent. It is one of the reasons why foreign companies are willing to invest here. Spain has two of the most important airports in Europe, three of the top ports and land and rail transport closely catching up.

-Good investment opportunities

Foreign companies can find in Spain interesting opportunities to invest in a long list of sectors.

In fact, Spain ranks 11th among the countries that receive the most Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world.

-Good standard of living

And on top of all these reasons for choosing Madrid as the next European financial hub, the city also offers a good quality of life. The Spanish health system is one of the best in the world, it has a rich historical heritage, plenty of sushine and excellent cuisine.

In conclusion, it is time to make the most of Brexit and invest in our idea. If you need help communicating with your customers, you can be sure to count on Crockley.

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